Amphibious' submersive sound world, described by audiences as Like a ride on a Persian carpet or like Spending a night in an Opium den in Goa , is informed by influences as diverse as J.S. Bach, Bruckner, Stravinsky, Sibelius,  Bill Frisell, Bill Evans, Keith Jarret, Miles Davis, Sigur Ros, Grizzly Bear and  Radiohead. It is a musical fantasy, a hybrid between the beauty and expressive depth of classical music , with the rhythmic and improv approach of jazz and the sound worlds of  alternative/post rock and pop. The members of the quartet include some of Australia's most innovative and interesting musicians, Ollie Miller-Cello, Aaron Flower-Guitar, Richard Maegraith-Saxophone/Bass Clarinet and Jamie Cameron-drums.  Amphibious released its EP First Breath in late 2009 and live album aLive and Breathing in 2010.  In 2012 Amphibious released Splendid Virgins and continues to explore the “Third Stream”, that grey (but so colourful!) area between the world of classical and jazz.

      Upcoming Gigs: 2014

4th March- Jazzgroove at Foundry616

                                616 Harris St Ultimo, Sydney