Amphibious emerged from the depths of Sydney's Inner West in 2009. Their music is a beautiful and spontaneous melange of sounds and ideas stemming from music as far afield as the pre-Baroque through to the current day. Amphibious is a musical fantasy, a hybrid between the beauty and expressive depth of classical music, with the rhythmic and improv approach of jazz and the sound worlds of alternative/post rock and pop. This is music of the Third Stream that John McBeath of The Australian describes as having an "atmosphere.... of jazz-infused classicism delivered in fascinating moods, from floating tranquility to surging excitement.”

Amphibious features Ollie Miller on amplified cello jump-cutting between melodic, harmonic and bass roles. The quartet is completed with Richard Maegraith on sax and bass clarinet, Aaron (Baz) Flower on electric guitar and Jamie Cameron on drums. 

Amphibious have performed for SIMA, Jazzgroove, Live at the Village, Darling Harbour Jazz Festival and also played as support for the Sydney Symphony in the Park for the Sydney Festival. They have released 2 albums aLive and Breathing and Splendid Virgins,  as well as an EP First Breath. They will possibly release a live recording from the Kinetic jazz Festival and will be recording their next studio album in September of 2014.

      Upcoming Gigs: 2014

4th July 2014- SIMA at the Sound Lounge Chippendale.  

7th Sept. The Amphibious Duo (Ollie and Baz) will perform as part of the Sydney Fringe Festival at the Old 505